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Lots have happened since I last wrote on this website. I have been bad with the updates and it has basically been because I have not really had anything to tell… My elbow healed as it should but not quick enough for me to do the Argus. It was a big disappointment not to be able to do my favourite race.


My return to Europe got delayed due to some private matters and for a while I didn’t know at all when I would be able to go back and start racing again. Finally I got the good news and I could go back home and meet up with my team and do my first race.


Now all the crazy travelling has started J I left my home in South Africa a week ago, Saturday evening, arrived at my second home in Sweden Sunday evening, only to be there for 15 hours before we drove back to the airport so that I could fly to Belgium. You might think Europe is close… It took me 13 hours to get from Falun in Sweden to Namur in Belgium, AND I was flying….


It was nice seeing the girls in the team again, been a while since last season. I got to borrow a bike since my bike has not arrived yet, was SRAM on it which I have never used before.


So after 3 days of travelling including 4 flights and a borrowed bike with gears I was not familiar with, I guess I could not expect good results at a world cup… ;)


It was the world cup Fleche Wallone last Wednesday that we did, it was hard from the start and my legs were just not there. I was with the bunch for 80km until we came to Mur de Huy for the first time, that is something else when it comes to steepness J


After the race we started the long drive back to Sweden, we left Huy at 15.30 on Wednesday and I was back in Falun at 20.15 on Thursday, a 30 hour journey!! And that included a 7 hour stop at a Formula 1, but we did not get much sleep since the fire alarm went off at 2am and all of us woke up and stood outside when the fire truck came to check and tell us there were no fire…  


I got to celebrate 3 days of Easter at home in Sweden, nice to see family and friends again!!! That also meant that I was at home for my dads birthday, something that has not happened in a long time:-) On Monday we start the long trip to Czech republic, we are doing the UCI 2.2 5-day stage race Gracia - Orlova, it will be my 5th time doing this race! 





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