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World cup in Vårgårda


This coming weekend is the World cup held in Vårgårda, Sweden, it was a race that I absolutely thought I would start in…, now I will go there to watch instead. My team from Holland will come and it will be nice to see them again, even though it hurts a bit in my heart to watch a fun race like that without participating. 

It is going forward with my arm, but very slow. The other day I might have pushed it a bit, I want to go on my favourite route that usually takes 2hours and 10minutes. It felt good in the beginning, but when I was half way it started to hurt,  then it was nothing else to do but keep going on the way home. When I finally got home it had taken me 2hours and 18minutes and it hurt a lot, but I had complete my route!!! After one day of rest the arm feels good and today I could do a few rounds of 1hour 15minutes without pain, so it is really going forward!! 

Even though it is not happening much with my flexibility, the last weeks nothing has happened and now I am waiting for an appointment with a specialist in Uppsala, my doctor here in Falun says that she can not do anymore so she is sending me there. I really hope that he can do something about this complicated fracture. It was a lot worse then I thought from the beginning… 

Well, I want to wish my team, Therme Skincare, and all the Swedish girls good luck in Vårgårda! I will be there cheering for you! /Jennie


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