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No race - pneumonia


I had 2 days at home in Stellenbosch after Sani2C, just enough time to unpack from Sani and pack for my 4 months in Sweden. The trip to the north went ok and somehow it was easier then normal to say good bye to Craig knowing that he was to follow me only 2,5 weeks later.

I came to Sweden last week Wednesday and it is always so nice to see mom and dad and I was looking forward to seeing the rest of my family and friends as well! My stunning new race kit was waiting for me as well and I got to use it for a few rides before something went wrong...

On Saturday I went for a ride with 2 of the guys from my club, we did the race course for Långa Lugnet, my home race that takes place tomorrow. I felt fine from the beginning but towards the end I started to feel week, a bit more then what was normal after a 3 hour ride. I started to feel something in my throat in the evening and was holding thumbs that it would pass over night. But I woke up feeling worse and had to accept that I had a cold and had to take a few days rest. On Tuesday evening I started to feel a bit better so I was very surprised when I woke up on Wednesday morning with a fever of 39 degrees and so dizzy and tired that I could hardly stand up and it was hard to breath. I went to see the doctor who told me I have pneumonia! Not what I was expecting but nothing else to do than to go home and take my antibiotics and sleep, and sleep a bit more! I dont think I have ever slept so much in 24 hours as I did at that time! 

I am now on my 3rd day on antibiotics and I am feeling a bit better but far from any race or training form, so I am sad to say that I will not be racing tomorrow in Falun...:-(

I have been "released" by my SA team Ascendis during my time in Sweden and will be racing for my previous main sponsor Cape Brewing Company who supports me together with their Swedish owner Åbro. I was looking forward to promoting their brand this weekend but I am now hoping to do so for the first time next weekend in Stockholm at the "Lida Loop" race, it is in the area of Tullinge, which is where my family lived when I was born:-) So maybe I must see that as my home race instead;)

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2015-06-02 12:17:18

Hope you feel better than fantastic soon Jen!!!
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