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94.7 in Johannesburg


After starting to train again and feeling good on the bike I decided to go to Johannesburg to do the 94.7, since it is the second biggest race in South Africa, and I really felt like racing again. I flew up the day before and was hoping the altitude would not affect me that much. Unfortunately I think it was a bit early to race after my break, I was not race ready and I also suffered a bit from the altitude, I am just not used to it.


The race started off slow but my heart rate was already high. There was a break away after about 20 kilometers that I missed but chased down. Right after that we came to a hill and new attacks came, I had not recovered from my chase and my legs just gave in. I lost the bunch and that was the end of my race. It is only the second time during all my years of racing in South Africa that I have lost the bunch. I guess we all have bad days now and then, it was just unfortunate that it happened for me that day…


I have two more races this year. This weekend is the Double Century in Swellendam, the 200 km team race. I really enjoy that race and am looking forward to it. I will race in the Cycle lab mixed team, that team has won the previous two years, so we are going for a win again.


This week last year I got sick, right after the 94.7 so I could not do the Double Century. That is the last time I was sick, so I am celebrating a whole year without one single sick day, which is very unusual for an endurance athlete! I hope I can do another year like this!! J

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