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2 weeks of riding, relaxing and having fun:-)


The last couple of weeks has mostly been training and rides with iRide Africa. We have had guests here on a longer tour and a few days break before new guests arrived and they are still here. We have done many long rides in the mountains, it has been a lot of fun and they have really appreciated South Africa. We have eaten a lot of nice food and I have enjoyed showing them all my favourite places!! Everyone should get to experience this part of the world!


Now I don’t have many more days in Stellenbosch before I go home, 2 days now before the Orange river and then one day in between before I leave for Sweden on the 22nd of December. The Orange river will be lots of fun, we are doing a river rafting for 3,5 days with about 6 hours of paddling every day. We are about 15 cyclists going and my friend Per from Falun is also coming. We will be sleeping under the stars on the beach along the river. It will be a very different experience! And apparently very hot, about 40 degrees and of course there is no shadow on the river….And I have never been to Namibia before!


After that it will also be very nice, and a huge contrast, to go home for Christmas. I really hope there will be snow in Falun soon, I would like to have a white Christmas since I haven’t had a chance to have that for such a long time. I am really looking forward to spending Christmas with my family for the first time in 6 years, specially since there are lots of kids around, Christmas is always more special with kids:-)


Finally I know what I am doing for next year, I have signed a contract with Alriksson Go Green, the first ladies UCI team from Sweden. It will be great fun to race with a Swedish team even abroad!


In South Africa I will keep racing on my own as I have done all the previous years that I have been here. How many races I will do and what the program will look like is not finalised yet. This year has been very long and we will see if I will race as much next year. That I will think about after my holiday. Now it is time to relax and have some fun!


Pointing out one of my favorite wine farms Kanu!


Coffee stop at Peregrine Farm Stall on our 6,5h ride. Having the best and the biggest Chelsea bun in the world!! (what you see on the picture is half....)



Per is riding in the sun!

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