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Start of a new training year


I had my eye operation done a week before it was planned, so now it is just over 3 weeks ago, and it was very successful and hopefully I will never need contact lenses again. I had to stay off the bike for two weeks to let my eyes heal properly and I also think it was good for me after a long season.


Last week Wednesday I could get back on the road with lots of new energy and very hungry for training and racing again! So even though I was far from race fit I did a league race last weekend, just outside Stellenbosch at the beautiful wine farm Joostenberg. It was a perfect day and I just loved being back in racing! It was more ladies then usual in those races so that was fun, nice to see the amount of ladies racing increasing! There were a few attacks and break aways but everything got back together and it all came down to a sprint. It was a bit of a mess coming up to the line, we had fun riders and group riders in the way so we had to zig zag between them. I gave it my all in the sprint and managed a win. It felt good since it was a while since I did a proper sprint.


Training has felt better and better as the week goes along and I have decided to go to Johannesburg next week for the 94.7.



Cathy, me and Mary on the podium


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2010-11-19 20:52:41 - Derek,

Glad to hear that your eye operation was a success.:) Well done on winning the race. It looks very sunny in the photograph. I am very envious because here in England it is wet and cold, though not as cold as you get in Sweden, I imagine.
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