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Good start to 2016


The racing year 2016 has started! It feels good to get going again at the same time as it feels like the December training period was a bit short. And to chock the system completely we start with the longest and toughest one day race in the country, the Attakwas! Even though December training has been good one never know where one stand so it is good to do such a long event to see.

Craig also raced and travelled with us to Oudtshoorn, we picked up Robyn on the way and stayed at our favorit place in Oudtshoorn, La Pension! If anyone is going to Oudtshoorn I can highly recommend to stay there!

The start was at 6.30am and even if it is difficult to wake up at 4.15am it was very great since we are in the middle of a heat wave here. I got a really good start and got away from the Robyn and Ariane, sadly I only managed to stay away for 52km and they caught me when I had a bit of a dip which also meant that I could not follow them. Ariane punctured a few minutes after she had passed me and I did not see her again. I felt good again when we came out on to the open roads but could not catch Robyn, I finished around 3 minutes behind and it was a great day for Team Ascendis with a first and second place! It was good to see that over a nearly 6h long race Robyn and I was only 3 minutes apart, which is a good sign for the season ahead!

On Monday we had another long tough day but very different! We did a photo shoot for the team and its sponsors, we had lots of fun but I am happy I am a cyclist and not a model! That is a tough job! Thank you Karsten, Jean and Lara for your hospitality! 

Before start, first race in our new kit!  


Proof that I actually do drink during a race.... (even tho I am bad at it)

Well done team mate! 1 and 2 for team Ascendis 


Well done Craig! 

In the studio! 

Advertising Nimue sun screen! 

Robyn and I with Karsten, CEO of Ascendis 

We did some action shots as well:-)

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