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Argus 2010


So the Argus is over, and it is with mixed feelings. It is always nice to have that excitement of a big race coming up and in South Africa the Argus is such a big thing. At the same time it is nice when the pressure is over. Unfortunately I am a little disappointed with my result since I always want to perform at the same time as I know that I can still do it again and one can not be on top in every race!


I had good training leading up to the race and I had two new sponsors coming on board, a big thank you to Felt for an amazing bike and Continental for the best tyres one can ride! And to both companies for very quick delivery and service when we agreed on the sponsorship! The last week before the race is always busy with Expo, interviews, things that has to be done before the big race, and everyone coming to the mother city! It is a fun time and now it is the silence after the storm!


The day before the race I had a wedding to go to. Maybe not the best preparation but a wedding I did not want to miss for anything in the world! Thanks Susie and Doug for a lovely day!! You looked so cute there on the beach! I really wished I could have stayed longer and celebrate with you!!


When we were waiting for the start in the early morning of the South African world champs, we almost got flash backs from last year, the wind was picking up!! And a lot of things got repeated from last year. We once again started with the VB, men 40+ and once again it was a crash going under the bridge 400meters into the race and once again Andrew Mcleane broke away after Smithsvinkel and once again our time was 3hours 6 minutes!! But unfortunately I can not say that once again I came out on top…


The race it self was not that exciting, it was not a fast and hard race as last year, it was a big bunch all the way without any attacks, it is hard for the girls to attack among the men. I felt good during the whole race and was most of the time up close to the front. My new Felt was climbing very well! Coming to the finish I found myself a bit too far back in the bunch and tried to move further up and went out on the side and took to much wind and used too much energy so when I really needed to kick I had nothing left. It was a mistake you don’t want to do in such an important race, but you learn as long as you live, so next year that will not happen again! I finished in 6th place. Anriette got her long awaited 6th win and am now the historic as the person with most wins at the Argus, well done Anriette!


Now I have 3 more weeks in South Africa, it will be filled with lots of training since I don’t have any more races and I need the best possible training to do the last preparation for the start of my European season, also because it will still be snow when I get back to Sweden:-)


Me and Berlize at the start of the Argus 


Riding with a black arm-band in memory of the cyclists that got killed on the roads last week. 


In the bunch! Fabiana Luperini to my left and Cherise Taylor to my right 


 Was on TV during the race, here on the big screen at the finish.


Thanks Marilette for the support after the race!!! 


Pizza with friends after the race, yummy!!


All the guests on the beach waiting for the weddin couple!


Doug and Susie getting married!!


Anneke and me


It was an african theme at the wedding!


The girls together with the bride!

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