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Double Century 2012


We had some turmoil in our “Give me a chance” team before the Double Century. The team was put together long ago, I think I committed to the team before last years DC, but unfortunately we were unlucky to loose two of our strong girls during the week leading up to the race. Two days before the start we were only two girls and would not even qualify as a mixed team any more. We phoned around to every girl we could think of and luckily Robin said yes on Thursday evening at 7.30pm, even tho she had said no twice already, I guess she heard our desperation! We were very grateful to her for being there for us.


The weather was not good, we had a strong head wind up until 120km and the guys worked very very hard during that stretch. The new feeding zone worked very well, every team had 30min to spend in the feeding zone without the time ticking. It gave us a good refreshment break and new energy for the last part. Me and Cathrine had been sitting at the back until the break so we were fresh. We started to pull hard and we had lots of fun at the front in the tail wind that helped us fly for parts of the race. Robin did a good job hanging in there to finish with us on the longest road ride she has ever done!


We finished 2nd in the mixed, only 1min40sec behind the winners and we were happy with that considering we hardly had a team a few days earlier!


Thank you to Delarey, Sandie and JJ for organizing everything for us! Thank you to our captain Erik for pulling the team together! And to Ariane for making sure we were warm at the feed station and after the finish! And thanks to the whole team, it was great riding with you all!

Team tactics before start:-)


We all look a bit nervous;)



Everyone was working hard! 



2nd place for Give me a chance

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