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The first race of the Nissan Trailseeker WP series at Helderberg did not get  off to a good start… The ladies bunch started 3 mins after the elite men . We were instructed NOT to follow any other signs other than the  white boards with black arrows so when we saw one of those to the left after the first  climb after  800 meters, we turned but we soon realised that it was wrong  because we ended up back at the start…  just as the B batch went off! Luckily the whole ladies bunch was still together, so we just restarted at the back of B batch! We tried to pass the guys but I think we all lost a bit of the race feeling since we constantly missed signs and had to turn around again. Eventually we got on to a road were we should not be (many of us were from the area and knew that the route was not going on to that road) we turned around and back tracked and looking across the vineyards we saw riders everywhere but no one seemed to know where to go. Eventually we just realised that this race was over and we decided to just follow signs to try and get back to the finish, we figured we must be on the home straight of the shorter route. A few more times we ended up at dead ends and had to search again, eventually we saw that R102, the road where the venue was on, so we just took the tar road back. The race really lived up to its name this day, we were literally seeking trails at the Trailseeker! ;)


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