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Silver at the Swedish MTB Marathon Championship


Swedenis a long country and the Swedish MTB Marathon Champoionship was this weekend held in the southern part of the country, 585km away from where I stay, it was a long journey in the car on my own!


The course is known to be very technical and fun and I really wanted to get some experience on that kind of course but I was very nervous before the start. All the other girls were very experienced MTB riders, both on cross country and marathons.


We first had a start loop of5 km then 2 laps on a 35km loop and we started in 28 degrees. I knew that it would be very important to drink a lot and spend the energy in the right way. We started together with the elite men and I tried to get a good position in the start, came in on the first single track section as the third girl but was quickly passed by 2 other. I stayed on the wheel of Åsa, she is mostly doing XC world cups so it was fun to see if I could stay with her and I could, sort of...:-)


I was now laying 5th and on a gravel road I could leave Åsa behind and after a while I saw Emmy, we were then riding together for 30 km before I could ride away from her, now being in 3rd position. People along the route started to tell me that I was getting closer to Kajsa and that made me going harder and with 15km to go I could pass her, so now the silver could be mine. So I thought…


With 1km to go I start to climb the last hill and hear someone behind me, Emmy is coming! I had over a minute on her with 6km to go but my legs are cramping! She passes me on the top of the hill and goes very fast downhill, I do everything I can to stick with her and down on the last piece of gravel road I can get on her wheel and once again I had to use my road skills in a sprint. So in the end I got the silver that I wanted.


Alexandra Engen won comfortably, she was 6th at the Olympics last weekend, so not much to do about her:-)


To race was just under 4 hours in that heat so after that I struggled to pee for the doping test, I had to sit drinking water for so long that my car was the last one on the field when I was done…



Yes, the silver is mine:-)

 Exhausted after!

Doping test again... last one was last weekend


Happy girls on the podium: Emmy 3rd, Alexandra 1st and me 2nd

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2012-08-21 08:43:25 - Victor,, 574thAvenue,Fairways,CapeTown,SouthAfrica

Well Done!!!!
I think you are becoming a natural at MTB. :)
Big Tree Foundation is really exited to have you ride the 2013 Absa Cape Epic to help us raise funds to buy school clothes for the rural school children.


2012-08-26 16:14:39 - Lee Nakan,

Awesome stuff Jennie, well done.Keep up the good work and we look forward to meeting you soon. All the best;)
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