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Overall winner of the 2009 Alpha Pharm seeding series


Today saw the final leg of the Alpha Pharm seeding series in South Africa. Among the ladies it was very tight who would win after 10 months and 13 races, it would come down to the last sprint. I was in the lead by only 10p over Anriette at the start. You get 50p for a win, 40 for a second and 35 for a third. So if Anriette would win and I was second it would be a tie, I would then be the winner because I had more wins, but if Robyn (or someone else) would be second and I third, then Anriette would win. If Robyn won and Anriette was second I could be either third or fourth and still win the series.


So todays race was not only about winning on the day but the whole series, and I also had the race to defend since I had won this race the previous two years. We started with the vets 40+ and there was a hill of about 2km 40km into the race, the bunch was together until there. The guys took the pace up quite a bit on the hill, I had Anriettes wheel and refused to let her go, with about 500 meters to the top Anriette surprisingly attacked the guys and I managed to stay on her wheel, so we were unexpectedly first at the top. The high pace had split the bunch and we were about 15 guys and 3 girls left, it was me, Anriette and Robyn. We had a bit of a free ride with the guys that kept a high speed and I knew that it was going to come down to a sprint. I could see that neither Robyn nor Anriette had that real kick today so I wanted to make sure to be in front of them when the sprint started and just keep them behind. The last 3km was downhill so it was a really fast sprint, when the guys started the sprint I went and got a bit boxed in between two guys but managed to stay clear and could easily win the sprint to get the win for the day AND the total in the Alpha Pharm series, and also winning the race for a third consecutive year. I was super happy after and very relieved, it has been lots of pressure on me since I have done this on my own, Anriette always has team mates there to help her and in most of the races all three teams have been represented.


I am forever greatful to Alpha Pharm for sponsoring and making this possible for me. In February I went to PE to do the Herald, I had never heard about the series and when I won it and got a green leaders jersey at the prize giving I wanted to tell them that they could keep it because I was not going to be at any of the other races. Here I am at the end of the series still in the green, even if it has taken a few turns from me to Anriette and back and forth etc.. I could never have done this without Alpha Pharms support. And a special thank you to Susan Franken at Alpha Pharm for the tremendous job she has done for me and the seeding series!


During the day today I had a great support from my friend from Falun in Sweden, Niclas, Per and Ida and Gemma from England and also my friends and business partners at iRide Dan and Jo, it was great having you guys there!! To get the Swedish flag from Per after the finish gave an extra spice to it;)


It has been a tremendous year for me with 20 victories! Of course winning the Swedish champs is at the top of the wins nearly followed by the Argus and the Alpha Pharm series will also be considered up there. Now I will relax completely mentally, even if training goes on a bit longer, I will take it easy over Christmas instead together with my family in Falun in Sweden.


During the week that follows iRide will hold our third tour, this time a road tour, so it will be a lot of cycling together with our guests, tomorrow is the 4 passes – 5 hours in the mountains!


Prize giving after Die Burger, 3rd Anriette, 1st me and 2nd Robyn


Johnny once again trying to interview me in Afrikaans


Overall winners of the Alpha Pharm series, me and Arran Brown, here together with Leon de Lange from Alpha Pharm


Swedish support from Ida and Per from Falun.

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