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Delta Trap 2014


Autum is falling over the Western Cape and it was a chilly morning when we rode to the start of the 3rd Delta Trap at the Solms Delta wine farm between Stellenbosch and Franshoek. It is a perfect race to get some speed work at, it is relatively easy riding at the same time as you have to be alert on the corners and in the sand. The race is on a 20km course and we do it 3 times, it is a great way to see if one can do certain sections faster the next time.


Unfortunately it was not as many people there as usual, probably because it was Easter weekend. The elite bunch was also not so big. A small group of guys got away from the start and I got in to a a group on the first tar section, Vera Adrian from Namibia was also in that group, I could leave them when we got on the to gravel roads. I was riding on my own for a long time and I pushed very hard to see how legs and body would feel after Epic. I was happy with how it responded and managed to win the ladies category for the 3rd year.


The previous two years I have used this race as a test for the Joburg2c, this year I have decided not to do that race, instead I will save the energy for some more important races coming up later in the year:-) 



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