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Good start of 2010


2010 has started in a great way, training is going well and it is starting to feel really good on the bike. The last weeks I have had hard training and the weeks have finished with training races. I have done the first two races in the “Virgin active pro classic series” around Cape Town. I have started the races a bit tired after the weeks training and I have still managed to win. I see these races as very good training, specially the races in Cape Town where there are lots of hills. The Cape Cobra, the first race, finished at the top of Ou Kaapse weg, a 3km long hill! On Sunday is the third race in the series.


The weekend after will be the first national race for me. I am going to Port Elisabeth for the PE Herald, one of my favourite races. This will be my fifth time at that race and I have the title from last year do defend. I am looking forward to that.


Today I had two photo shoots in Cape Town. First I did one for my kit sponsor Velotex who is launching a new range of kit called Sub3. That is for anyone that has done the Argus under 3 hours. In South Africa that is a measurement of how good cyclist you are. My record is 2h50min52sec so at least I qualify to buy a set:-)


After that it was a launch for Cycle cabs, an initiative from the Dutch consulate to have more environmental friendly taxis during the Fifa world cup in Cape Town this year. I and Erik Kleinhans, The South African XC mountainbike champ, were there as pro cyclists. Pictures were taken for this ad campaign that will be shown around Cape Town, in Holland and around the world at Dutch embassies.


It is so nice to be back in the warm weather in the Western Cape and always knowing that I will be able to do my training, the weather is not going to stop me. In Sweden it is too cold and snowy and around Johannesburg in South Africa it is pouring down with rain now, so Western Cape must be the best place to be, sunny every day, maybe a day or two with some clouds but that is all:-) This weather also allows for lunches and coffees at the street cafes and supper outside with friends. This must be the best place in the world! Life is great!


iRide Africa had some customers last week that I took on a tour to Franshoek, it was a hot day so when we mid-day cycled back in 37 degree heat it was a bit tough on the hills…


At the start of Cape Cobra league race january 2010


Kelly, me and Mary on the podium at the Cape Cobra


Supper with my best friends Jo and Des! Des had made her best chicken dish:-)


Lunch in Franshoek with iRide Africa customer Andy and Leanne from England


Me and Mary on the podium at the second league race (we missed Cathy at second place)


Me and Erik in the Dutch cycle cab


It was nice and relaxing to sit at the back....


...but harder at the front...


The new Sub3 kit that Velotex is launching soon.

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