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MTB Argus 2014


Theresa (my Epic partner) came down to Stellenbosch for 24 hours this weekend so that we could meet up, get to know each others a bit better, chat about the Epic and also do the MTB Argus as a test and see how we would match each other. We had a really good weekend and now I look forward to the Epic even more, I am confident that we will be a good team together!


On Saturday morning I went out for a ride to test my new Pronghorn for the first time, I had not planned to race on it (wanted to get used to it first) but as soon as I sat on it I felt ”at home” and quickly decided that I wanted to race on it!! It climbed well, was fast on the flats and handled technical stuff nicely!


I was a bit unsure of the form since I had been sick since Tankwa and had problems with my astma.  Theresa and I decided that if one of us felt  stronger then the other, that person should race for the  podium spot  but if we were further down we would ride together as a team.


I got a good start and was on the wheel of Ariane and Mariske for the first 8km, then the gap opened up slowly but surely and the last time I saw them was after 21 kilometers. Since I was in 3rd place I kept racing. I saw Theresa now and then when I turned around but a guy told me we had a girl between us so I did not dear to slow down.


It was a new course and venue for the MTB Argus, start and finish at the Le Bonheur wine farm on the R44 and a lot of the route was on the new trails around the Simonsberg mountain. It was a great route with lots and lots of climbing! It was great to race on the new single tracks since I knew them a bit since before. I had lots of fun on the new bike!


I came to the finish in 3rd place about 8 minutes behind Mariske and Ariane who sprinted for the line. Theresa came in 4th, so we did not have anyone between us, and without her 5 minute stop for a mechanical she would have been a minute or two behind me and I think we will be matching each others well at the Epic. Watch out for team Cape Brewing Company :-)

It was nice to be on the podium in my first race for the new sponsor, even though we did not manage to get the kit ready for this weekend. 



Me and Theresa before start

Soon start...


My new colour coded Pronghorn worked perfect!!

Mariske, Ariane and me on the podium

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