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Now the season of 2007 is really over, tomorrow I will start with my 2 weeks of rest. I will enjoy it at the same time as I always wonder how I will cope without training. This time I will keep myself busy with as much as possible. On Saturday I´ll go to Stockholm for a "kick off" for next year with Explorica, the company I work for and that I went to New York with. I will also see some old friends while I am in the capital. On Sunday afternoon I will go on to the Swedish island of Gotland to see a friend that I worked with in Dublin, will be fun since I have not seen her for 3 years! After that I will spend a few days at home before I go again, this time down south to Gothenburg to see my best budy from childhood. In the end of this rest-period I will meet my new team, we will meet in the metropolitan of Sexdrega, yes, that is the name of the town and don´t ask me where it got it name from.... I have never been there before and I am looking forward:-)

And then I will have just enough time to start my training for next season before I go to South Africa.

If I do a short conclusion of this season it has been good regardless of the accident. If I look at my training it has never been better. Even though I have been injured I have done 740 hours and only been really sick once, except for a day here and there. I have never trained that much and I have never stayed that healthy for a whole year!

Now I just hope and belive that next season will be as good but without accident!

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