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My first race!


Finally I have raced again! It was on Sunday that I was back on the start line, I was very nervous since I didn’t really know how the arm would work under this circumstances. Unfortunately, I have to say, we started with the junior boys and they were really fast from the gun, since I am not race fit it was really hard to stay with the bunch. After 20km we had to go up a hill, short but steep and I could no longer go with. Since I can not stand up and put pressure on the arm it is hard to go fast on a hill. But I am not giving up! I kept going and did the remaining 55km totally on my own and finished as number 4 (it was only 8 girls that started), at least I completed my first race!  

This week I am studying a lot, I have 4 exams to do on Saturday. I started a course to become a nutrition therapist 2 years ago and I am picking it up again. Apparently I had 4 exams lying waiting… ups… 

On Sunday I am leaving for New York, I will go there on business for Explorica together with 12 exchange students.  It will be fun and I will practice to be a tour guide;) 

After that it is time for my next race, it will be the Union cup on the 8 of September in Kil here in Sweden. I am looking forward to that!  


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