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Yesterday we had a race on the course where the Swedish road champ will be later in the year. It was a short race, we did 5 laps on a 13km course including one steep and long hill (for being in Sweden), we started at the bottom and the finish was at the top, meaning that we had to climb six times. It started a bit slow the first two laps, on the top of the hill on the third lap Marie Lindberg (Nürnberger) attacked but it all came back together, a lot of attacks came and finally Catrine (from my team but normally riding for Bizkaia) got away and no one reacted, so she could easily ride away from the bunch. Me, Jessica and Kajsa from went on all attacks and made it hard for the others to catch Catrine, she could win the race alone! The last time up the hill I went to the front and took the pace up to make it hard for the others, on the last steep part Kajsa could pass and get second place. Only Sara Mustonen, (Hitec products), passed me and I got fourth place. The win and three among the top four was a good result for the team!!


Next on the schedule is my trip to Italy, the one that I won at The Argus. I fly to Bologna tomorrow where I will be picked up and taken to Cesenatica, a sea resort and that is where Marco Pantani was from. We will ride the last stretch of the Giro d’Italia stages on Friday and Saturday and see them finish. That will be fun, especially since Sweden is doing very well at the moment with Tomas Lövkvist (the boyfriend of Catrine that won today) lying second after loosing the pink jersey a few days ago. On Sunday we will do the Gran Fondo race Nove Colli, a big race in Italy with 11000 entrees. The rest of the days will be lots of cycling, sight seeing, good Italian food and some holiday. I am hoping for 9 great days in the sun!

Kajsa Snihs (2a), me (4a) and Bella (5a) at prize giving. It was happy girls that got the prizes, even if the winner and third girl could not attand due to doping control.


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