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Alpha Pharm seeding series race no. 11


Yesterday was the 11th race in the Alpha Pharm seeding series, it was just outside Orkney and it was the flattest race I have ever done! Much like Holland, not a single hill or incline. There were 3 races in the country this day and the African champs in Namibia, so not many girls were in Orkney. We were 8 elite girls so it was decided in the morning that we would race with the vets. It turned in to a fast and hard race. We lost 2 girls early in the race so left was me, Yolandi and 4 Nashua girls. Robyn de Groot from Nashua attacked and got some men with her and they stayed away to the finish. With a very strong head wind it was hard to try and get closer to the break away, there were a few attempts but we could not make it. Unfortunately I did not have my usual kick in the sprint yesterday and Anriette was ahead of me over the line so I finished 3rd. Am now 15p ahead in the series with 2 more races to go.


Next weekend is the 94.7 here in Johannesburg, it the worlds second largest race, if you see to the number of participants. So it is an important race in South Africa. I hope I will be fully acclimatised and ready for it when the day comes:-)


After that I am going home, meaning back to Stellenbosch. I like being here seeing people and seeing new places but I have to say that I miss the Western cape and the freedom of training where I want and when I want!

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