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2nd place at Cykelvasan 2012


Vasaloppet is a classic cross country skiing race inSweden, it has been going for 90 years and usually has around 17000 skiers taking part. 4 years ago they started “Cykelvasan” the same route but on MTB. It quickly became a classic and is already the biggest MTB race inSwedenand the 9000 participants entered within 48 hours! The race has got its name after King Gustav Vasa who skied this route when he fled from the Danes a very long time ago.


Today was my first time in this race and I was a bit nervous at the start, there were so many good girls, all the top MTB girls in Swedenwere there, except Alexandra Engen who did the Olympic race the same day, 4 norwegian girls were also there. When I saw the German Nina Grässler, who was 2nd at the Cape Epic this year, I knew it was going to be a hard race! We started up a 3km long hill and it was a bit messy with all the riders (men and ladies) starting together, but I felt fine up there. I could see Nina and the Norwegian champ ride away. It was a very high speed the first 10 kilometers and I got in to a bunch together with another Norwegian girl, we ended up riding on and off in the same bunch the whole race. I did not feel great today, did not feel that I had any power, so was happy with the way it all turned out. The Norwegian champ got a puncture and me and the other girl passed her and was laying 2nd and 3rd and I thought we were going to sprint for 2nd. Until we had 17km to go and a bunch caught us with 2 more Norwegians, so suddenly we were 4 racing for 2nd. We were going fast the last bit and I knew it was going to be tough to take it. I tried to stay on their wheels and not let a guy get in between us. On the last little bump 800m from the finish I went hard to get in to second position, around the last corner 500m from the line I got closed in and was a bit behind out of the corner. A guy passed on the inside and started the sprint, I went with him and went full out only hoping that a long sprint would last, and it did!


I was completely finished but so so happy with a second place at my first attempt at Cykelvasan, the biggest MTB race inSweden!


It is a great race and a very nice vibe and a feeling of history riding through the classic Vasalopps water points.

Results Ladies Cykelvasan 95km

1. Gässler, Nina (GER) Hardrock-Proteinfabrikken Geilo IL 02:56:40
2. Stenerhag, Jennie (SWE) Falu CK 03:02:36
3. Lövseth, Borghild (NOR) Norge 03:02:36
4. Trönnes, Hanne (NOR) Norge 03:02:36
5. Trönnes, Mari (NOR) Norge 03:02:38
6. Thelberg, Emmy (SWE) Härnösands Cykelklubb 03:04:00
7. Salinger, Sandra (SWE) Värnamo CK 03:05:39
8. Berglund, Ann (SWE) IK Hakarpspojkarna 03:09:36
9. Ferner, Felicia (SWE) Borlänge CK 03:11:08
10. Larsson, Nellie (SWE) CKX 03:12:05 


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2012-08-26 16:10:21 - Lee Nakan,

:)Jennie, well done, this is a great achievement. Your track record is really impressive, keep up the fantastic effort. look forward to meeting you soon.
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