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I did not write anything here after last weekend, probably because I did not have much to say… I had a disaster race in Pretoria. Completely hit the wall like I have never done before and finished 13th (I have not been out of the podium in a race in South Africa for over 1 year), was without points and I lost the leaders jersey that went back to Anriette again. I think it was because of the altitude that I am not used to. But nothing bad that does not bring something good, I learned a few things and raced differently this weekend in Bloemfontein, which is also on altitude, not as high but still.


The race was the OFM classic and it started with a few hills, it was hard going there but nothing that split the bunch and also too far remaining of the race for anything to last. After that it was very slow racing before the serious attacks started and a group of 3 got away, one from each team, so the bunch went very slow. I expected us to catch up with them later and that also happened after the attacks once again started in the bunch and we went really hard. The last 20-30 km gave us a strong head wind so it was not easy for anyone to get away. MTN also kept the speed high closer to the end so nothing got away. Until we had 1km to go and Robyn de Groot attacked and no one reacted fast enough so she got a gap. In the last corner with 500m to go she probably had about 70 meters on the rest of us. I was 4th or 5th through the corner and felt that I could go harder to try and catch her so I passed the other girls but Robyn was too far ahead so nothing to do. She won by maybe 10-15 meters and I got 2nd ahead of Merissa van de Merwe from MTN.


I got 40 valuable points and got the green leaders jersey back again. There is now 3 remaining races before it will be decided who wins the series. Next weekend there is a race in Orkney, a small place about 2 hours drive from Johannesburg, another place I have never been to and a place I probably would never go to if it was not for the race.


I am in Johannesburg right now, staying here for 2 weeks to get used to the altitude. I am staying with a good friend of mine Karien, she has the nicest house and it feels like staying in a hotel! So will have some nice relaxing days here and just getting used to this thin air.



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