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In the last few weeks before the Swedish champs and CykelVasan, my leg was quite sore and I do not want to experience the pain which I had at CykelVasan again. At the same time, I really wanted to do those two races ,so I do not regret anything, especially since it resulted in me keeping the national champs jersey.  I backed off and only did easy riding after CykelVasan and I contacted Pär, a good friend of mine and also a good physiotherapist and he said what I actually already knew, I had gone a little bit too hard too soon and needed to slow down a bit for the leg to recover. There is such a fine line and a difficult balance when there is a very strong will behind it. I thought I was doing well, and the leg would be fine again. It is difficult to balance such things when there is a very strong will to do something. I thought it was going well with my comeback and the power and fitness was coming back, it was just that small detail that it was painfull and it drained my energy.

Craig and I packed the car and drove down to Skåne to visit Pär and Malin. Malin and I rode together in the road team Alriksson GoGreen at the time when I raced on the road. We had been talking all summer about us coming to visit so now was a good time. Pär performed an ultrasound on my leg which showed a swelling and irritation on the attachment (the place of the surgery) and the only thing which can help for this is rest!

It was a tough decision to decide not to go to the XCM World Championship in Italy this weekend. Ever since the injury, the World Champs has been my big goal and what motivated me to work so hard, and maybe that was what made me work a bit too hard! Pär put together a good program for me with a plan both on the bike and in the gym so that I gradually increase the load while at the same time giving the leg enough recovery. I am absolutely convinced that everything will be fine this time. The leg already feels much better 4 weeks after CykelVasan.

All this has given me time to do other things, which can be good sometimes :-)


The car needed a good wash :-)

I normally miss birthday parties on weekends but this time I could join for Dominics 3 year party :-)

There is so much apples this year, here we are picking at my cousins house.

When I could not do Bockstensturen Craig got the opportunity to race ;)

And he finished ;)

Beautiful sunset at Malin and Jespers place.

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