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Overall win in the Swedish Marathon series


It is becoming Autumn in Sweden and it is time to follow the swallows and fly south!

I first had the series finale to do in Ulricehamn before traveling. It was going to be an exciting race between Sandra, Angelica and I since we all had a chance to win the series, whoever won the last race would win the series! Unfortunately Angelica did not start so it was between Sandra and I. I travelled to Ulricehamn 2 days before with my parents and we stayed in the same huts as last year. I had the chance to try parts of the route the day before the race and the new single tracks were a lot of fun.

It was a ladies only start, which we have had for most of the races this year, so I want to say a big thank you to all the organizers who have put the effort in to make this change.

We started at 10.15 and followed the lead car up the long starting climb. I turned around at the top and saw that I already had a gap. I kept going without pushing max, it was going to be a long day on my own. When we passed the race venue after 11km I could see Sandra coming closer so I had to pick up the pace a bit. When I came there the second time which was halfway I had 2 minutes and at 60km it had grown to 5 minutes. Even if it can sound easy to be in a solo lead from start to finish it is not, it is very hard to keep a steady pace on your own and on some single tracks the speed was so slow that I was sure Sandra was going to catch me… It was a great feeling to come to the venue for the last time knowing that the race and the overall series was in the bag!

It was a great course with lots of single tracks, it had changed a lot from last year and I know that the organisers have been working hard with the course for the last few years and this one I think they can keep!!

I want to say a big thank you to “Långloppscupen” (The Swedish marathon series), all their sponsors and all the organizers of the events for a great summer with great races!

Of course a huge thank you goes to my faithful supporters mum and dad who always comes with me to all my races to help, I could not do this without you! And of course to Craig who stepped in for them at some of the races this year!

THANK YOU to the best sponsor there is ÅBRO!! I am very proud to represent such a great company who always makes me feel like one of the family, always shows interest in what I do and always believes in me!! 

The start

Along the route

Interview with Oscar after the finish

Podium after todays race, Sandra, me, Fanny and Ingrid

Podium for the overall series, Sandra, me, (Angelica is missing), Ivanda and Fanny


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