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A win at CykelVasan 2012 and a fifth place 2013


During the week leading up to CykelVasan (the biggest MTB race in Sweden with 12000 participants) it became official that I was the winner of the race in 2012 after last years winner lost the titel after failing a doping test and it has taken a whole year for it to be finalized. So I was trying to defend my new title:-)


I was a bit nervous at the start, first of all for the race it self and also for how my coccyx was going to feel. It had gotten a lot better during the week. I pushed all I had up the first 3km long starting hill, it went well but I might have pushed a bit too hard. I was laying 3rd at the top but faded a bit and one girl passed me. I was laying 4th for a long time until the 40km mark when a norwegian girl caught me and we rode together to the finish. We were 20-50 seconds behind 3rd all the time but we just never got any closer. I was missing that little extra on the day. When we came to the finish I got a bit boxed in and could not take the other girl in the sprint and finished 5th, 1 minute behind 3rd. Of course not happy with that since I know that I can do better, but I guess it was okej considering that I have not been able to train properly the last 3 weeks. At least I did not feel pain during the race!!


Now I am looking forward to the Swedish Marathon Champs next weekend!


Concentrating before start:-)

The finish


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2013-08-21 10:27:51 - Craig,

Hey sweetie

Still well ridden and proud of you,good luck for the weekend.
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