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Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challange


I was doing my last race before the Cape Epic on Sunday, it was the CT Cycle tour MTB Challenge (MTB Argus) and since it is just outside of Stellenbosch I call it my home race. IT is always nice to wake up at home, not having so far to drive and also knowing the trails, but even though I knew the route I thought I had gone wrong at one stage…


I had the title from last year to defend and my biggest competition was inform Mariska Strauss so I knew it was going to be a hard battle! I got a good start and on the first short climb after just a few kilometres I managed to get a small gap. I pushed really hard and felt that my legs were with me on the day. After about 20 km I could still see her close behind and I got the time from Craig who was supporting on the day, 30 seconds! I started to push harder and could feel that I was gaining ground on the climbs and at the next place I saw Craig the gap had grown to 2 minutes. I got a bit confused when I caught a guy who looked exactly the same as a guy I had ridden with for a bit and then left, I thought I saw a group with Mariska in front of me and thought I had gone wrong and done some extra! I asked the guy if we had ridden together at the start and he said no – relief!!! I kept pushing and could finally take the win 3.17 min ahead of Mariska.


I really enjoyed the trails and the route and I was of course very happy to win the race but I was most happy about the good feeling I had and that the form is on its way. Now there are only 2 weeks of easier training to be done before the Cape Epic, I am looking forward to the start of it! 

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