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First race in the Swedish national series


On Sunday we had the first race in the national series. It was +3 degrees and was raining cats and dogs.

It was a very cold story. It was already raining at the start line and everyone was shaking, no one could keep the heat up. And it turned out to stay the same during the race, the only time that I could get a little bit warm was on the way up the hill that we climbed 6 times, every time we came to the hill I thought “good, no I can get a little bit warm” but only to be as cold again on the way down. It turned out to be a very slow race, I don’t think that anyone could make the legs or body go any faster, it was just too cold. The first time up the hill 6 of us got away and then 5 more caught up with us, and that was how the race continued until the second last time up the hill. My team mate Marie attacked and another girl went with her, the two of them stayed away and we got a victory for the team! 

I only managed to get 4th, I could not make my legs, or the ice cubes, go any faster in the hill sprint. Only the 11 of us in the first bunch finished, I think the rest of the girls stopped because they were simply too cold.  

After a hot shower I was still shivering, nothing seemed to warm me up. It took hours before I felt warm again, I hope that I never have to cycle in those conditions again!!

Next race start on Thursday, I leave today for Poland to do the Tour de Pologne feminine. I will race in a German club team. So time for a new adventure! 


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