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Race time is getting closer....


My rehab is going really well and after some weeks of great physio work in SA (by Pierre Kurger Physiotherapy in Stellenbosch, the best physio in the world!). I could start with proper bike training when I came back to Sweden a few weeks ago and I have planned my first race! It will be on the 14th of July in Funäsdalen in Sweden. It will be 4 months and 9 days after my operation. I am so grateful for how quickly the rehab has been since the doctor first said it will be 6 months until I race.


This weekend is “Midsummer” in Sweden, it is a big holiday (and party) weekend but I have always had races on this weekend, so it is a bit different this year to actually not be away on this weekend. I am very lucky since it is normally the weekend of the Marathon World Champs. This year the World Champs is in September and I can take part, if it had been this weekend I would not have been able to race.


Even if I have planned my first race to be on the 14th of July there might be a start before, but it will be a last-minute decision, we will see! :-)


Since I am not able to race I took the opportunity to spend some time in our cottage in the mountains, I don’t often have time to be here for a full week. It is so nice to have my own little training camp where I can just concentrate on training and recovery! I hardly see any cars or people on my rides and it is just so quiet and the air is so fresh! I absolutely love it here! One day we did the 2 hours drive to Östersund, the town where I lived for 6 years and went to university. It was 18 years since I moved away from there and 14 years since I last visited, I can’t believe how time flies! It was no nice to be back and see the town again, even if it was only for a few hours. The Swedish XCO champs will be held there later this summer, but I am not racing of course ;)

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