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Victory in Die Burger Fietstoer!


Last weekend was The Double Century, the 202km team  race. We had a good race but the team was not as strong as we had hoped so we got a third place in the mixed category. Pia, my friend from Sweden, got a spot in a ladies team with some friends of mine, they road very well and won the ladies race!

Today it was time for the next race. Die Burger Fietstoer, I won this race last year so I had a title to defend:-). They had moved the start a bit so now we stared with a five kilometer climb after only one kilometer of riding, you could feel that in your legs at 6 am!! We were only about 15 girls this year, so we started with the vets 40+ and I thought it would be a really hard race, but I ended up having a really comfortable ride. We were three strong girls sitting top 5-20 the whole race so I guessed the sprint would be between us. When we had five kilometers to go I tried to be at the front of the bunch making sure that I was the first lady. I guessed that it would be a mess up when we had to sprint with the men, but I never thought it would be such a mess as it was. At the start the men was told to let us do our own sprint but they completely blocked us in and made our sprint very dangerous. I managed to win which felt very good! So now I got the trophy back that I handed in on Friday:-)

Pia got a puncture after 35 kilometers and without a pump it took quite some time to get that fixed. She goes back to Sweden tomorrow but I am sure she would like to stay a bit longer to train, we have had two really good weeks with lots of cycling, rest and good food.

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