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Defended my titel from last year in Pinse cup in Denmark


After 4 days at home it was time to pack the bags again for a trip to Denmark. I had been very tired all week after all the races and travelling and I felt a bit unsure about my form when it was time to race again.


We arrived in Viborg in Denmark after 13 hours of travelling. We were a full team in Alriksson GoGreen, all the girls except Malin who was sick, we also had Monica Holler as a guest rider, so 8 strong girls. I really felt motivated before start, almost over-excited! We had a plan to attack from the start and make it a hard race, a few small attacks happened from the beginning and after 9 kilometers I had a perfect spot for an attack so I went. I didn´t really plan for it to last till the finish, but it did! I quickly got a gap and turned around and saw 2 Danish girls and a bit further back I saw Monica, I waited for them so we created a group. We worked well together and got 2.45 to the bunch as most. After 50 kilometers they came closer and we only had 30 seconds, Monica said she would sit up and wait for the bunch, I felt so good so I didn’t want to sit in the bunch, I attacked again and got one of the Danish girls with me, we kept going on our own for a while and a bit later Madde and Maria (Hitec) came up to us. We started to work and the gap grew quickly, we stayed away to the finish and got 5 minutes in the end. About 3 kilometers from the finish I attacked - got a gap and Maria chased back, as they came up to me Madde counter attacked and the 2 Danish girls had nothing left so Madde could take the victory. I left the others with 1km to go and got the second spot. I was 8 seconds behind Madde and 2 seconds ahead of Maria for the TT.


Second day was a day of waiting since the 25 km TT was in the evening at 5pm. It was a strong wind so we were flying to the turn around point, my legs were spinning fast and it felt very good, when I turned around it felt like I hit a wall! It was very hard on the way back in the wind. But I think it was the same for everyone cause I won the race, 11 seconds ahead of Maria, meaning that I got the pink leaders jersey 13 seconds ahead of her. Madde fell to third place. This was my first win since I came back from South Africa, I have been on the podium in every race in Sweden and Denmark but never on top, so it felt good to be up there again.


The last day the rain came over us and it was cold again, not my favourite weather so I just had to put the leg warmers on and do the best of it… We did a lap over 29 kilometers 3 times, with one big hill, the bunch got smaller and smaller there every lap. There were a lot of attacks, mostly from my team, Madde was in solo breaks a few times and when we passed the finish line to start the last lap she was away. There were another smaller hill and a Danish girl attacked there, I immediately went on her wheel and sat there until we had caught Madde. We started to work together and stayed away from the bunch. When we came to the hill the last time Madde told me she was tired and was not going to make it, so I went on my own all the way to the finish! A solo victory is always nice! Madde just managed to stay away from the bunch and Jessica took the sprint in the bunch, so we got all three podiums for Alriksson GoGreen! In the general classification I defended my victory from last year and Madde finished on third place, a very good result from the team!


For every stage I was on the podium I got a saddle and another one for the overall win, so I came home with 4 Prologo saddles, so if anyone need a new saddle I have a few for sale!:-)


It was a really nice weekend away, we had so much fun in the team and that is when the good results are coming! Our team leaders Carro and Adde have been great, they have worked so hard for us, just the 2 of them serving 8 riders! Thank you so much for all your help!! The junior national team was also there and stayed at the same place as us. I am very impressed by Jenny, she rides for the same club as me, she is turning 16 (on the same day as me;) so not even a junior yet, and she was still the best in the team!!! She has a bright future!


It was a long trip back home, but even though we came home at 02.20 it was nice to get back to my own bed.



In the break away day 1



Madde in pink after the first stage


 Nordbeck is checking the warm up


 The GoGreen car



Podium after the TT, just got the pink jersey



Going up the hill the first time on stage 3



Winning the last stage solo!



It was really cold when we waited for the prize giving



Alriksson GoGreen on the podium


 Adde -  the mechanic


Carro -  the boss!:-)

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