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Swedish Champs 2011


I've had a really good build-up to the Swedish Champs last week. 1.5 weeks ago I fetched Craig from the airport, it was so nice to see him again after 2 months! I've had someone with me for all training sessions, gotten my legs rubbed almost daily, and been able to think about other things than racing as I have been showing him around. Since the champs were close to my home I could stay at home and sleep in my own bed, which also means a lot.

The form felt good before the time trial on Wednesday, almost too good ... Because of a different racing schedule this would be my first time trial this year, so it almost felt all new to me. I went out too hard in the beginning – but I felt so good – but that always catches up to you later. A few kilometers before the turnaround I started to tire a bit in my legs and my speed dropped slightly. I still thought I was going pretty well but it was not fast enough and the end result was 6th place just like last year, which I am not very happy with.

On Midsummer Eve I was standing next to the course while Craig was racing Solleröloppet, I could never understand it why spectators/supporters become so nervous, but I experienced it that day, I was a lot more nervous when I followed his race comparing to when I race.

Then it was time for the road race champ on Midsummer day. It was a good race and my result was a silver medal which I am incredibly happy about, my result was due  to a good team effort from all the girls in Alriksson GoGreen, The hole team raised their game so much during the race and they all raced really well! Thanks!

We would do four laps of a 33 km long course on Sollerön and Gesunda, the first time we went up the hill on Gesunda Emma Johansson attacked, no one had the power to go with her. Our tactic was to keep her at a distance to hopefully tire her out. After about 40km one girl attacked and Monica from my team went with. They caught Emma but she dropped them again on the climb up to Gesunda. My teammate Malin attacked and was on her own between the bunch and the breakaway group. Malin then joined Monika and Annika . Annika dropped back to the peloton and Monica and Malin were still ahead but behind Emma, they were in silver and bronze position still chasing Emma. For the team it was a great position to be in. The last time we went up the hill, we were a group of 8 girls, it was me, Madde and Bella from my team, we let the other 5 girls do the chasing after Malin and Monica. We could see how the 5 girls were closing the gap on our teammates, so we prepared to counter attack. As soon as we came up to Malin and Monica, we started to attack, Madde went first but she was covered really quickly, I then attacked with everything I had and got away . When I had about 5km left the commissioner told me I had 15 seconds, then it was 20 and soon it was 50secs, I then pushed really hard hoping  that I could hold on to the finish. It was nice to cross the line as a silver  medalist at this year's Championship!

Today I was feeling a bit tired when standing on the starting line of the new race Cykel & Fjäll GP in Falun, a 138km  race of which 38km was on gravel roads. The rules said you could not have service and I unfortunately did puncture on the 4th gravel part of 7. It was impossible to catch the peloton but I still managed to finish in second place behind team mate Bella, and I got a really hard training session.


Now it will be nice to have a quieter week that will be spent in Denmark and with my  friends Åsa and Joakim in Halmstad, there is also where we will have the Criterium Champs next Sunday.


Craig visiting Nusnäs and the Dala horse factory


We got to see a skiing race in the midle of the summer


Beautiful Dalarna!


Team gold and team bronze to Alriksson GoGreen after the Time Trail


Me and my coach Åsa


Craig signing the list after the race Solleröloppet


Midsummer celebration in Borlänge


Podium after the Swedish road race Championship


Bella, me and Craig at the start of Cykel & Fjäll GP in Falun


Me and Craig finishing the race together

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2011-06-29 00:30:00 - Derek,

Well done winning the silver medal.
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