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Back home in South Africa



I am back in South Africa again and it really feels like home. It was a bit hard to get going with training after my rest period of two weeks, but now it feels like I am back on track again. Already after five days here in SA, Pia, a friend from Falun that also cycle, came to visit, so yesterday we did a nice five hour ride. It is called “The four passes” the name says everything. When we were going over the first pass the wind was so strong we could hardly keep the balance on the bike and had to stop once. It got better after a while and we got that wind in our back on the way home, we were grateful for thatJ


Pia really enjoys the life down here, we cycle, eat good food (there are too many good restaurants in this area), lay in the sun, swim and sleep, can life get any better??


The weather has changed a bit since I got here, first I had two days of rain and I got a bit worried but then it went back to normal and today we have 35 degrees, we also had something similar yesterday on our long ride, so very important to drink a lot to keep hydrated.


This weekend is “The double century” the 202km team-race, it is now my fourth year that I will do this race with the same team. We won two years ago and was second by two minutes last year so I hope we will get up there again this year.


That was all for this time.


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