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South Africa, here I come!


In a few days I am leaving for South Africa, it will be so nice to get down to the nice weather again, especially now when the snow has covered Falun as a white duvet and the winter is here. My rest period went just fine, the body was a bit itchy but at the same time it was nice to just put the training a side and do other things. Now the motivation for the winter training is very high, not that that is ever a problem for me… It will be nice to get to the heat and start training, now it just feels like a warm upJ I will change my training a lot this year, I am looking forward to try a new strategy and see what effect that gives me next year. 

This time everything is organised in South Africa, I know where I will live and so, and it really feels like I am going home, it will actually be my 5th winter in the Cape Town area. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends, eat a lot of fresh fruits and just relax by the pool!!


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