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Accident at the team time trail in Vårgårda


This update is not fun to write ... Just typing on the computer is painful, making it even worse, and bad news is never fun. Last week we were with the team for a short training camp for the World Cups in Vårgårda, it is the year's most important races for us as it is at home for the team. My training had worked really well until now and I felt in good shape and looked forward to the races in Vårgårda which are always fun to do.

We had trained team time trailing a few times on the course and it felt like we could do something good. After a somewhat slow start we picked up the speed after the turn around point. Unfortunately we lost Linn after about 20 km and after Häggrungabacken Madde dropped her chain and came after. Linnea, Malin, me and Bella went on towards the finish and had just passed the 1km mark when the accident happened. We went through a roundabout to the right and Linnea was the one who took it first. I had Malin in front of me and we were going forward to change, as she turned away I saw Linnea sideways just a few meaters in front of me. For some unknown reason, she turned left, there is a turn-off right there so in my eyes it looked like she would either turn in there or stop by the side. I was in the bars and we were probably going at about 45-50km/h. In a fraction of a second I could not do anything but slammed straight into Linnea. I flew high and far, saw cobblestones in front of me and had time to realize that it was just my head that would take the hit when I land on them and felt it was the end. Luckily it was not so, but I bounced up in the air again, flying across a cycle path and landed some distance away where a wooden fence stopped me. There I was lying until the ambulance came. I had terrible pain and was thoroughly shocked. It was a great help that I heard the voices of Jorgen, Johanna and David, who was on site at once and talked to me. Soon after was also my boyfriend Craig on the spot and went with me in the ambulance.

I said when I lay on the ground that the collarbone was broken and it could later be confirmed by X-ray. It took a long time before everything was ready at the hospital, I found it difficult to sit up cause the pain was too much and I repeatedly almost fainted. But I was really glad I was alive, that's probably the worst crash I've done on a bike! The break was "good", that is - straight off, so no need for surgery but only an 8-bandadge that will help keep the collarbone in place.

The team had to wait for Madde and could at least finish.

It felt incredibly sad to stand on the side and watch the World Cup on Sunday, it would have been the sixth time that I would do that race.

The immediate future is a bit uncertain, on Thursday I will do another X-ray to see how it heals. Does it still look good I can be on the bike again relatively soon. And I really hope that there will be more races before the season is over!


The bikes are ready for warm up :-)


Me and Malin in good spirit for the time trail


We got to write a few autographs:-)

and off we go...


Unfortunately this is how it ended....

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2011-08-03 20:46:06 - Derek,

Dear Jennie, It's so sad to hear about your nasty accident. Thank goodness you didn't land on your head. I wish you a speedy recovery. PS. you write brilliantly in English (even with a broken collabone!)All the best, Derek.
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