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It is now just over 6 weeks since my hamstring repair and I am finally off the crutches and out of the knee brace! It is such a relief, just the fact that I don’t have to sleep on my back with 3 pillows under my knee anymore feels like such freedom! It has been some really tough weeks, I must admit! Especially since I could not carry anything or drive a car and get dressed without help, I was completely dependent on other people. I was forever grateful that my parents were here while Craig did the Cape Epic, I would not have survived otherwise!

Everything looked good when I saw the doctor last week Friday, which meant that the long way back could start. The priority now is to walk normal, so I have my “walking exercises” and I go for a 20 min walk every day with Pino, our neighbours dog. I can also sit on the indoor bike for 20 min per day but in takkies and not cleated in, and with a ladder over the handle bars to hold on to since I can not lean forward. It is just to start to get used to the movement without using my hamstring (which you do on the up stroke when cleated in). Next week I can start with some strengthening exercises for the hamstring. Cycling outside should be possible in the end of May and my first race is planned for the beginning of August. I really hope everything goes according to plan now!

It is so nice and a feeling of freedom and independence to be able to walk and drive a car again! You forget to appreciate these small things when we are healthy and injury free, things we normally take or granted are now highly appreciated!

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