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Fractured elbow


This weekend did not end according to plan.


I was very excited on Saturday morning when I went to Wellington to do my first MTB race in 6 years. I felt a bit lost there amongst all the mountainbikers. It always starts fast since everyone wants a good position when you hit the first gravel or single track. I did not know much about the other girls except Jane, that was third on last weekends road race, she is a good mountainbiker.


Hitting the gravel I got a bit behind, lack of experience, but when the bunch spread out I could start to catch her. We were together until about 15 km into the race when I rode away from her. Mountainbiking is different cause you often race alone, not in a bunch, I saw a few people along the way but not many. I had so much fun and really enjoyed riding up the steep climb where I even saw people walking. Coming up to the water point at the top I enjoyed hearing “you are the first lady”.


So I was on my way to win my first MTB race when the accident was a fact. I came around a corner and saw the water crossing a bit too late, hit the side wall of it and flew over the handle bars. Not a hard crash but I landed on my elbow and heard that noise of a bone breaking…


Mountainbiking is different, in a road race you get in to the car if something happens, now I had to walk down this mountain with a bike and a broken elbow. Luckily mountainbikers are very friendly, so a friend that saw me called for help and after a while a bakkie came to pick me up.


Verdict from the doctor is 4-6 weeks to heal the fracture, but we all know that athletes heal quicker so I am hoping to be back as soon as possible.


I will keep you updated on how it goes.


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2011-02-26 20:28:49 - Derek,

:)Get better soon Jennie
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