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Ending the Swedish season with a win!


This was the last race for me in Sweden and it was also the last race in the national marathon series. I had decided in the beginning of the season that I was not going to focus on the series, but the results during the summer made me change my mind!


I had some history from this race as well. In 2004 when I decided to start cycling I did this one, it was then the Nordic Championship and I came 3rd, my first time on a podium at a race inSweden, so no one knew my name. Still I could not remember much of the route.


It was a 95km route with some single tracks and some gravel roads, and a bit of tar out of town. The start/finish is at a beautiful castle by the sea, the last 3km are absolutely stunning!


I was determined to go out hard and stay as close as possible to the front men’s bunch since the first 8km were on tar and started as a road race. I had use of my bunch skills to get a good position. I could stay with the front men until 11km when we came on to a narrow section and the bunch spread out. That had given me a head start over the next girl. My lead was about 1,5minute at the first check point, and then it grew more and more, without me knowing this. I pushed hard and was with a good group until 25km to go. I was finished and could not hold on to the group any longer. I was on my own in the head wind and getting more and more nervous that the girls were going to catch me. With 10-15km to go my bike started to give problems, it was so muddy that the gears stopped working, I could only use the heaviest gear, very frustrating with lots of twists and turns!


I managed to come to the finish as the first girl, very happy and completely exhausted! 11 minutes ahead of the next girl


The national series consists of 7 races and the 5 best results counts. I did not do 2 of the races and at my first race I finished 6th, after that I have had 3,1,3,1. It was so tight that I finished 4th only 1 point behind the 2 girls that finished 2nd on the same point! So that chain drop 800m from the finish last weekend feels even more irritating now… Next year I will be back and finish on the podium overallJ


Now it is time to go back to South Africa!!! I have 3 more days here in Sweden and will be back in SA on Thursday! I can’t wait!


On the podium, Sandra 3rd, me and Angelica 2nd.

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