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Winter in South Africa part 2


Ok, so now I have experienced a real South African winter. As promised it started raining last weekend, and boy did it rain… Lots of flooding in and around Cape Town, houses leaking, the car I borrowed was leaking and it was wet and miserable. What I found worse is that there is no central heating in the houses so there is no place to get really warm. Even though, it has been really nice to be here and it feels sad to leave again, but hey, I am back in just a few months!


On Friday I left my ”home” in Stellenbosch to go to Nelspruit for the weekends race. A few things told me that it would be a hard race. First of all, it was 150km, longer then normal, and we started with the men 40+ which always makes the pace higher, and it was on altidude which makes it harder for me not being used to that, and it was one of the hilliest races on the calendar. And I can tell you, it was hard, I suffered and did not really have a good race. At the start it was probably not more then 3 degrees but it was going to warm up so could not put too much clothes on, my legs did not feel warmed up at the first hill so I felt tired there already. We were 3 girls that stayed with the first men but the other girls came back on the downhill’s, same story on lots of the hills in the beginning. When we came to Boulders, a 7km hill, the pace was fast and my legs were dead so lost the bunch towards the end of the hill. I was really trying to chase and had one guy with me but comparing to the strongest men we had nothing to give. We tried for about 40km before I had to realise that I was not going to make it, I just hate giving up though! So came to the finish line a few minutes behind Ashely that won and Anriette. I lost 5p to Anriette and am still in the lead of the Alpha Pharm seeding series. Unfortunately I will not be here for the next race so will loose the jersey then. I have had it for the 5 first races and will do everything I can to take it backJ


I am at the airport now waiting for my flight back to Sweden, will be home tomorrow and have one night at home before I leave to go to France for a UCI 2.2 stage race, Tour feminin le limousine. So just get home to have time to repack my bag.

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