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Have been sick for a week....


I did not enjoy last weekends race a lot, it was a strange day. I had been sick during the week before, nothing major but a bit of a sore throat so did not train for 2 days. Felt better the days before the race though, but woke up in the morning of the race with a tiny bit of sore throat, but thought it was nerves… Felt ok in the race, even though I sometimes thought that I was pushing more then what I was… and later I got the answer to why. After the price giving I had to wait for 2 hours to get my leaders jersey, when we were sitting there I started to feel worse and worse and by the time everything was over and I went to the airport to finally fly home to Stellenbosch, I got such a sore throat I could hardly talk and I think I had a fever. I was in bed for 4 days and today, Sunday a week later, I still have not been back on the bike. It was a long time since I was this sick and I guess it was something in my body that was just waiting for me to rest a bit. I am grateful that it came after the race though!! And that this weekend was not a series race.


Yes, the race… 3 girls got away after 15km, one from each team, and they stayed away…. That was about it what happened in that race, so not a nice or fun race… Me and the Konica Minolta girls tried a bit to catch them by nothing full hearted, I also thought MTN would do a bit of chasing since they had a weak rider at the front so we knew that they would be 3rd and I did not think that they were happy with that. But they did nothing. I got 8th but luckily Anriette was 7th so I only lost 5p on her. So am now in the lead by 10p.


This weekend was the Double Century, I really wanted to do that race, have done it so many years before and I really enjoy it. Well done to my team though, they won the mixed category!!!


Next weekend is the last race in the Alpha Pharm seeding series, it is in Wellington, close to where I live. It will be nice to race at home and not needing to travel!


This week Wednesday until Saturday we had a iRide Africa MTB tour, it was fun to have them, especially since it was 3 SwedesJ or well, 2,5 since one guy was Spanish but lives in Sweden. They had a really good time and I hope the next group that arrives on Friday will have as much fun!


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