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2nd in PE Herald in Port Elisabth


I went to the race in Port Elisabeth this weekend. Last week I worked hard to get enough strength and mobility in my thumb to be able to break and change gears, that was my criteria to go and do the race. When I was on the start line I did not feel that the thumb was going to hinder me in the race. It is actually fantastic that it has gone so fast after I got rid of the pins. 

As I said earlier, I have been 3rd and 4th in this race before, this year I took one step up and got 2nd. So if I do the race next year it can only mean that it is time to win?!:-) 

Unfortunately I made a mistake when we got close to the finish, we were 4 girls that got away and my biggest competition Anriette Schoeman (the girl that was 2nd in the race that I won in December) had a team mate with her so it was hard to be 2 against 1. My mistake I have learnt from and already forgotten about:-) I felt strong during the race and had no problem to stay when we got away on the only real big hill. I am happy with my form at the moment and I look forward to Sunday. I am going to Johannesburg to do a race. All the top South African girls will be there, including the national team that has just been selected to go and to a stage race in New Zeeland in the end of February. There we will get a bit of an indication for The Argus, the big race in March.


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