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Hi all my english speaking friends around the world! Finally I will write something in English on my website, first of all, thanks for checking my site! 

About 2 months ago I had a terrible accident in a road race in Holland. I was unfortunate but also lucky to survive. A girl in front of me hit the brakes and I turned a little to avoid crashing in to her and I got off the road since I was just on the edge. I lost my balance in the grass and unfortunately there was a tree just in front of me, in the last second (which I don’t remember) I took my arm up and protected my face, that was lucky because otherwise I would not have survived. I got a fracture in my face and my left underarm, my left elbow was completely smashed in a very complicated way. I also got a small fracture on a rib. I got to the hospital and they did an operation in the underarm and elbow the day after. Luckily they did not need to do anything in my face, that will heal it self. I stayed 5 days in the hospital in Holland before I could fly home to Sweden. (you can see pictures under “Bilder” and “olyckan”, that is how I looked at the hospital in Holland) 

After 5,5 weeks I needed another operation here in Sweden, they took some things out from the arm and since that I have started to get better. It has taken a really long time and I did not believe the doctor when he first told me I was not going to cycle again for 2 months, but I guess that he was right…. 

A few weeks ago I got in contact with a really good physio, she has helped me a lot and since I met her I can really see a progress in my rehabilitation. This week I have been out on my bike 3 times (that is the first time in 2 months), one time on my road bike and two times on my MTB. The angle of the arm is better on the MTB, I have not realised before how straight you need to have your arm on the road bike, of course it is not straight but straighter then what I can do. 

I really do hope that I can race again even though the only thing that all the doctors, that I have seen, can agree about is that I will not get full flexibility in my arm again…. 

I will update you later on.


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