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Gold at the Swedish Champs!!!!


This is just amazing, I can hardly belive it! I won the gold at the Swedish champs road race! The current world cup leader and Olympic silver medallist Emma Johansson and double world champion Susanne Ljungskog was among 8 other UCI professionals in the race. The Swedish girls are doing very well at the moment so if someone had told me when I woke up yesterday that I would win the race I dont think I would have belived them. After about 30km we started 5 laps on a 13km course including one big hill, the first time up Emma attacked and tore the bunch into pieces, we were 7 girls left at the front at the top of the hill, the 6 best professionals and me (I was the only one not registered with a UCI pro team). We worked together for a few laps and then on the fourth lap Emma attacked again, she Susanne and last years Swedish champ Emilia Fahlin (team columbia) got away, the 4 of us chasing, we worked hard and came back to the front, I attacked but they came with, then my club mate Marie Lindberg (team Nürnberg) conter attacked and got away, she was on her own the last time up the hill with a gap of 40 seconds. At the very steep last part of the hill Emma once again attacked, Susanne came with her and Emilia a short while after. Me, Sara Mustonen (team Hitec products) and Karin Aune (team Fenix) dropped a bit. Sara chased hard and got us back to the leaders (both me and Karin had club mates at the front so could not do anything). After the hills we came back to the town where the start and finish was and had 3 laps on a 5,5km course to do. We were all together again and when we entered the town Karin attacked and I went with her, we started to work together emidietly, no one tried to catch us until it was too late. We worked hard and could stay away from the world stars! At the finish we had just over 2 minutes on them. My club mate Marie managed to get away from them at the end and came 3rd so a really good day for our club!! With about 600meters and 2 corners left Karin tried to attack, I was quick on her wheel and stayed there through the corners and could pass her shortly before the line and win a tight sprint with about half a wheel! It felt amazing and I still can not really belive it!!


I also won the prize for the best Swedish champs, the girl that has the lowest placing - number, so with my 4th place at the TT and 1st at the RR I was the winner:-)


You can see the sprint on SVT 27/6 even though you might not understand the interviews.






Almost finished....


Finish line, yes!!!!!!









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