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Coronation Double Century 2013


The DC is one of my favorite races and this year we had a very strong team so we were going to have lots of fun!! We started off a bit conservatively and I must say that it was a bit of a nervous feeling when the team that beat us with only 1 minute last year caught us, they had started 2 minutes behind us. We then found them sitting our wheels almost all the way to the feeding stop in Ashton. Luckily we had that stop, it felt like the only way to get rid of them was to let them go off before us. We had a better second half to the race and everyone was fighting really hard in the tough head wind for the last 80km and with about 20km to go we caught our competition and left them behind to secure the win! Not only did we win, we broke the mixed team category record by 10 minutes!!!


I could not believe my bad luck when I punctured with 1km to go! Luckily we still had all 4 girls so the team could go on to the finish, lucky for me our car was just behind so I could quickly get a new wheel and sprint off to finish about 40 seconds behind the team, thank you Henties for changing the wheel so quickly!!


A huge thank you to the team: Delarey, Erik, Ariane, Cherise, Yolande, Hannes, Sakkie, Jos, Waylon, Lourens and Christiaan, it was a pleasure riding with all of you, an awesome team!!! Thank you Henties and Eunice for the supprt!! Thank you to Chas Everitt for sponsoring us so that we can ride in awareness for Give me a chance children’s foundation!!

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2013-11-25 21:53:58 - Derek,

Very well done:)
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