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Bockstensturen - yet another mud bath...


We copied the plan from last year. My parents and I packed the car on Friday morning to do the 7h drive to Varberg, we stopped at Åkulla where the most technical part of the race course was and I did my pre-race ride. It was super muddy and we had to wash the bike in the lake afterwards before we could pack it in the car again. Afterwards we went to the hostel where we stayed last year and we even got the same room.

It was raining during the night before the race so even more mud… The rain briefly stopped for the start at 11am but started soon after. It was muddy at Engelbrektsturen in Norberg a few weeks ago but I think this was worse! It was a thick layer of mud on every single track and one got to practice the balance a lot. I don’t think any tyre in the world could give good grip in that mud and the brakes were gone early in the race. And once again a race where you could not see, there was a long queue to the medics where riders had their eyes cleaned after the over 4 hour long race…

I had really good legs on the day and everything went well both with me and my Scott Spark, I enjoyed the training I got in the muddy and slippery conditions, I had not liked this 2 years ago… I could cross the finish line as the first girl for the 4th consecutive year at Bockstensturen!


It took a long time to get all the mud off myself and the clothes! Today I spent half the day cleaning the bike over and over and I still find places with mud… I got to do some mechanics on the bike also, a few things needed to be changed after that mud bath;)

Photo: Oscar Ekstam. The start in the rain

Photo: Oscar Ekstam. It was raining a bit during the race....;)

A bit muddy after... (and yes, I have my glasses inside the top...)

Poor bike... 



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