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Back in South Africa


After the race in Toscana I had 2 weeks in Sweden before it was time for South Africa. The one weekend I went to see my team for a fun ride and dinner with sponsors and team mates, we had a fun weekend!


Then it was time to pack the bags and do that trip that I am getting so used to. 24 hours door to door until I was at my home for this winter. As usual I had too much luggage and not so unusual the flight was delayed and I had to be rebooked. It does no longer effect me, I just go with the flow cause it happens so often but I always get there in the end, and this time I did not get delayed to Cape Town, so BA did a good job! I landed on a hot summer day, 30 degrees! Even warmer then expected!!  Saturday was also a beautiful summer day but it is still spring here so yesterday the rain came and it fell non stop for 24 hours. I have a problem coping with the cold and wet weather here since it is not getting warm inside and nothing dries up… So I cant wait for summer to arrive in full swing!


Yesterday I did the first race for this season (winter or summer or what it is…). The Engen Dynamic cycle challenge in Wellington. We were lucky and got the race done just before the rain came.


Unfortunately it was not so many girls, only 6… we started with the masters so it had to be a good training ride in the wind. On the hill 1/3 into the race I got a way from the rest together with one of the masters, we waited for a second guy at the top so that we were 3 working together to the finish. An easy win for me and I got a hard race as I wanted!


I have a new kit since I am no longer the national champ, since I am still racing for Alpha Pharm (unfortunately only until the last of November, then I will be looking for a new sponsor) and it is only me I could choose my colour, so of course I chose pink;)


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