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Engen Dynamic cycle challange


I have now been in Stellenbosch for 2 weeks, the weather has been up and down, one day was 33 degrees warm and looked like the summer was coming. We have also had rain and really cold days, one day I had to take a hot bath to warm up! I hope it gets better and that summer will arrive soon!!


It has been so much fun to be back and see all friends and train on my normal roads again! We have had some meeting with iRide Africa and started to sell the tours, it really feels exciting!


Lunch meeting with iRide Africa, me, Louise, Dan and Jo


Yesterday was the Engen Dynamic cycle challenge in Wellington, only about 30km from Stellenbosch so it was on “home ground”. We were about 25-30 girls doing 99km, in the group we were only 3 pro´s and as expected the 3 of us broke away on the only big climb of the day. We had to work hard together in the really strong wind! With 3km to go it was only downhill left, me and Ashleigh was beside each others and both wanted the other to go to the front without succeeding, so still beside each others with 250meter to the line I started the sprint and managed to hold her behind me and won with about half a wheel! After the finish I got the question which victory it was for this year, I did not have a clue and had to count when I got home, it was number 18!


Next weekend is the next Alpha pharm seeding series race, The Amashova with start in Pietermaritzburg and finish in Duban. It will be nice to go there since I have never been there before.


Jennie Stenerhag, Jade Roberts, Ashleigh Moolman



Prize giving in Wellington



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