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Tour de Pologne and Tjejtrampet!


Poland was something different, the standard of the hotel and everything was not really as home! I went down there completely without expectations since I had heard bad things both about the organisation and the accommodation from last year. And I think it was worse then anything that I have been to before. It started as soon as we came to Poland, the sun was shining in Sweden but it was raining in Poland, then it took us 9 hours to drive 400km!! When we finally came to the hotel where the race office was, no one had heard about a race!! They have moved the race office without telling anyone, we were not the only one there…We had to use shoes even in the rooms and in the bathroom at the hotel, it was THAT nice! But in the end the actual races were good! 


We had 3 road races and one time trail to do, it was completely flat so nothing to separate the bunch, it was a lot of teams from Poland and the east and it did not feel as they were very used to big races, so there were a lot of crashes in the bunch with 130 girls. I think all the 6 girls from the national team and I was in at least one crash each! One of my team mates had to go to the hospital with a concussion! In the end of the first stage a group of 5 got away, among them Sara Mustonen from the Swedish team. They were 29 seconds ahead of the bunch and that was still the total result after 3 stages that had finished with bunch sprints. 

The time trail would decide everything. From the beginning it was supposed to be 10 km, then it was shortened till 7 km and when we got there it was 3,3 km!! So we rounded up a stage race with a prologue! Did I say anything about the organisation….??? 

Sara, the Swedish girl, finished 2nd on the TT and won the race! It was super cool!! I got 22nd in the general classification; I was in the bunch every day and had a good time trail. 


Tjejtrampet was this weekend and the second race in the national series. I went there with my mum and dad; we were all racing this weekend. Dad did the fun ride on Saturday and mum did the ladies race on Sunday. They both have new Merida bikes and mum has only cycled with clips a few days, so I am impressed! 

Me and my team did the 126km fun ride on Saturday as training and then we had the race on Sunday. It was a short flat race and some of the pro´s were there. The Norwegian national team got the race going in the beginning and the attacks came one after the other. Small groups got away and stayed away for a short while and then it came back together. Finally after about half the race a small group of 5 got away, we had our mountainbiker in the group and since the other in the group were not so dangerous and all the top riders were still in the bunch we thought it would get back together. So the rest of us just waited for the attacks to come, some small came but nothing serious. We trusted Kajsa since she is a strong rider and she did win the race!!! I think it is so cool from a junior mountainbiker to win her first road race of the season!!! The rest of us were in the bunch and I was 10th in the race and stayed on a 4th place in the general classification in the series. Next race is in the end of July. 

My mum came in 23 minutes after us and was 82 out of 1000 ladies, well done mum! 


We celebrated with ice cream in the lovely weather after the race.  

Now I am back home in Falun again, feels nice to finally stay at home for a few weeks! In 4 weeks time the team will come to Falun for the Swedish champs! Will be fun to do that in my home town and very nice not needing to travel!! 


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