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Mörksuggejakten 2012


This was my first MTB race last year when I had decided that I was going to try MTB, and it turned out to be my only one in Sweden before I broke my collarbone, so it is a bit of a favourite race. The route is beautiful, it is fast and fun, lots of single track with some technical sections but mostly easy flowing trails. It turned out to be a muddy race after all the rain that we have had the last few weeks. Even though we were all happy that the rain that fell in the afternoon did not come during the morning, I don’t even want to think about how that had been…


I got to stand in the first start shoot but when 2 guys in front of me could not get their pedals in I was quickly down to second shoot before I was even on the bike, so – so much for being there early to get a good position… I did not see neither Emmy or Angelica (the girls that were first and second last year and have been that at all the previous marathons this year), I lost valuable positions for the first hill already in the start. The first hill is a few kilometres and it stretches the field before the worst mud bath that comes soon after the top. I thought it went alright up and passed that, even though I was behind someone that could not ride single tracks and it is difficult to pass.


I did not get any times or position during the race, normally people shout position to you but no one said anything, and I did not see any other girl for the whole race so I had no clue… I was with a bunch of fast guys for a while but they were too fast and I had to let go. Sometimes it is difficult to give full gas when you don’t see any competition, only men.


With 10-12 km to go I got to hear that I was 3rd and 1,5 minutes behind!! What? That close? I started chasing and gave it my all, with 2km to go I had still not seen anyone so did not think I was close, until I came on to a new little extra loop they put in on the finishing area, there I saw Emmy!! But I was still too far behind and finished 3rd, 26 seconds behind 2nd! We were about 6 minutes behind Angelica who won. I am sure I had some more to squeeze out of my legs, If I had only known….


I am happy with the result and very happy with my new Focus 29er (Raven 1.0) it is such a comfortable machine!!! I am also glad to see that the last MTB race was only a bad day:-)


Craig is coming toSwedentomorrow, I am really looking forward to see him!!! Will be nice to have my training partner back! We are entered for the Cape Epic 2013 so we better start training;)



Preparing before the start


Record number of entrents for the Mörksuggejakten


Managed a 3rd this year as well

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