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Yesterday was the 25th edition of Finnmarksturen, one of my favourite races of the year. I grew up not far from Ludvika so it always feels like a “home race” and there are lots of people I know along the course. The organisers were lucky with the weather, it was sunny and warm, something we are not used to in Sweden this summer.

I was using this race as my last hard session in preparation for CykelVasan next weekend since none of my usual podium competition was not there. I was planning to go too deep but that plan did not last long… It is difficult to judge how much to push without going too hard, I also wanted to stick to the good wheels of the guys. The race went smoothly without any incidents and I pushed hard but backed off when I felt it was necessary. It was nice to get another win before next weekend’s important race!

My brother did this race for the second consecutive year, I am very proud of him and I think he is becoming a cyclist ;)

Thank you to mom and dad for the support along the route! And thank you to everyone who was out there cheering!! 






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