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”The last chance” and change of club/team for next season.


Yesterday I did the last race for this season, it was called “The last chance”. It was a criterium with 20 laps on a 1,4 km course. We were only 6 girls in the elite bunch but we started with boys 15-16 years and the junior girls, so it was a bunch of 25. Since it was a short lap it was a lot of corners and I was a bit nervous that I would be afraid, but when we started that was all gone and I could be very active during the race and I felt strong. My physical form is good but I can still not really stand up and sprint, so also hard out of every corner. At the finish it was 9 of us left, 6 boys and 3 elite-girls. Since my sprint is as it is I got 3rd but not far behind so I am very happy with my race. Now I know for sure that I can be back and I feel very motivated for the winter training and next year. 

I also did a race 2 weeks ago, so it is 3 in total now. That race also went well but this one yesterday felt better, so for every race I have felt that I am progressing. My arm is still getting better even though I have seen the specialist and he also tells me that there is nothing to do about it. I will probably never stretch it full and neither bend it full, this is something that I will learn to live with. Now I can cycle as long as I want without pain, it is only when I stand up and do a sprint that I can feel it, so at least I know that it will be good enough to cycle with so that I can keep doing what I love.  

Next year I will be racing for a Swedish team, it is the first real ladies team in Sweden, they have been a team for 2 years but now they will go bigger, more girls and also more races in Europe. It is a very well organised team with good support from sponsors and there are big potentials there, so it feels very good to be a part of that for next season. I think that it will be good for me to be in Sweden one year, since I am away the whole winter it will be good to be closer to family and friends during the summer. 

Next year I am looking forward to the Swedish champs that will be held here in Falun, my home town, and by my home club for 3 years, I am sure that they will do a great job and it will be a nice event. 

For all my South African friends: I will be back in SA on the 13th of November!! See you then!!


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