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Unlucky start of the new cycling year!


It was going to be my first Attakwas and I was looking forward to it with great respect, it is known to be the hardest one day MTB race inSouth Africawith its 121 kilometers and 2900 meters of climbing and everyone was talking about the technical downhills! I was also looking forward to race again and see where I was in my form.


After14 kilometers some guys had just passed me and the one in front let a gap open and I wanted to pass him and close it, we were on a rocky downhill and suddenly I hit a rock and heard that terrible sound from my back wheel. I stopped but could not see any hole and nor the bomb or the pump would let any air in. Ok, since this was the first puncture I have EVER had on an MTB (guess it was due to happen at some stage) I am not the best in the world to fix it… Eventually a very kind guy stopped and helped me, we found the hole right by the rim and we managed to plug it. I carried on but everytime I went over something rocky I lost air. 6 stops and 70km later I eventually called it quit when it just did not seal any longer. I caught a lift back to the finish.


Disappointing but not much I could do and the race was lost already there after 14km. Later in the evening we could not fix it which in a way felt good to know, cause I really don’t like giving up.


Hoping for better luck next time!


Craig had a better race, he started very well and hung on to the pro guys for a long time. Midway he hit the wall but managed to get back and finished in a respectable 22nd place and 2nd in the Vets category.


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